Why to use?

Soporset provides a high performance level at the same time it delivers a very good printing quality.

High Performance

  • Optimised stiffness to allow short-edge or long-edge machine feeding;
  • Optimised stiffness & thickness to increase performance (reduced number of jams);
  • Smoothness level designed to achieve high printing quality standards and minimize misfeeding&multifeeding problems;
  • Controlled absolute and relative humidity values to ensure good flatness after laser printing;
  • Minimal level of dust thanks to high cutting quality and optimised surface treatment.

Superior Printing Quality

  • Excellent sheet formation (due to the unique characteristics of Eucalyptus globulus fibre);
  • High whiteness to improve printing contrast;
  • Engineered surface treatment to improve the electric conductivity for laser printing and the adhesionof toner;
  • Soporset Premium Pre-Print is 100% Guaranteed by the mill for all Laser and Inkjet applications;

› High opacity minimizes show-through
(achieved by an optimised combination
of Eucalyptus globulus fibres and tailor-made PCC)
› Low level of curl
› High thickness and surface treatment

Good performance for duplex printing:
Less number of sheets needed per printing job (cost saver).

* Soporset Premium Offset 60 to 120gsm and Soporset Premium Pre-Print 75 and 80gsm
have been certified for use in the following generations of HP/Indigo machines - HPIndigo 5500/5600 and 7000/7500/7600

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